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  • Aamir Abbasi (Biomedical Engineering) pursues a PhD in neuroscience with a focus on brain-machine interfaces.
  • Elisabeth (Biology) Ph.D., worked on Cell Biology for her doctorate degree and retrained in Systems Biology and interdisciplinary concepts during her Master II at the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris, France. She trained further in Computational Biology and Systems Biology Modelling.
  • Hernan Anllo (Psychology) is a PhD candidate specialized in attention, naturally altered states of consciousness and metacognition. He currently studies the psychophysics and electrophysiological fluctuations of attentional allocation as modulated by hypnosis and suggestion.
  • Ignacio Rebollo (Psychology) is a PhD student researching the question how electrical rhythms from the heart and stomach interact with the brain.
  • Maxime (Cognitive Science) is a PhD student interested in applying computational models to neurimaging data in order to understand decision making.
  • Wei Ouyang (Computer Science) is a PhD candidate at Institut Pasteur working on applying artificial intelligence (deep learning) methods to recover and understand super-resolution microscopy images. He has a rich experience in multiple fields such as electronics R&D, control theory and data mining, and worked in KTH Sweden as a researcher in wearable devices for pain management.


The club is very fortunate to be able to count on the expertise and mentorship of three senior scientists.

  • Dr. Stephen Whitmarsh is a postdoctoral researcher at ENS/LNC, within the group of Professor Catherine Tallon-Baudry. Stephen Whitmarsh (Neuroscience) holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience for research on the role of oscillatory brain activity in attention. He is also a graduate in Arts and Media production, and has been involved in multidisciplinary science projects for many years. He is initiator and developer of the open-source real-time analysis platform EEGSynth. Aside from on-site tutoring, he will further develop the EEGsynth within the Brain Control Club, thereby providing theoretical and practical know-how on the ins-and-outs of the software and hardware that we are using.
  • Dr. Guillaume Dumas is a research fellow of the Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions Laboratory in the Institut Pasteur, and an affiliate member of the Human Brain and Behavior Laboratory, in the Center for Complex Systems and Brains Sciences of Florida Atlantic University. He also participates in various projects melting Design and Art, and does scientific journalism for radio and public journals. He is the co-founder of the HackYourPhD community, which advocates the use of openness in Science and Knowledge as a common good in Society.
  • Prof. Robert Oostenveld (NL) is the main developer of the world-renowned FieldTrip toolbox for M/EEG analysis. He was our main invited guest during the kickstart hackathon event hosted in October. He developed teaching material and slides for the occasion and has will do so at future events as well. He actively assists in the further development of the code that we use, and continues to support us with expert advice through our slack platform.