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Welcome to BrainControlClub!

The Brain Control Club is a XL PhD Club at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI). It’s activities consist of interactive workshops and meetings (every week), invited lectures as well as online documentation and discussions. The focus is on understanding and developing software and hardware for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). BCIs measure electrophysiological signals from the brain and body and use these to control external equipment. BCIs can also be used in a closed-loop system, where the signals are fed back to the subject, thereby allowing them to learn about – and even control – the physiological processes that are measured. In the Brain Control Club participants are be able to develop their own BCI projects, taking advantage of our and each others knowledge and expertise.

The Brain Control Club officially started with a two-day hackathon, that was held at the CRI on 22nd and 23rd of October in 2016. In this event, the members decided that the club would be organized around individual projects that tackle a particular “brain hack” or research question. The contribution of each project to the club is through the development of software and documentation, while the club provides access to equipment, documentation, software, events, lectures, support and a critical space to develop the Brain Computer Interfaces together. We currently consist of more than 20 members coming from different backgrounds, including cognitive and system neuroscience, artificial intelligence and biology.

The workshops and lectures focus on the different aspects of BCI applications:

  • How are electrophysiological signals measured?
  • How can these signals be analyzed in realtime?
  • How can the output of these analyses be converted into control signals?
  • How can control signals be used for practical and creative applications?

We encourage anybody with an interest in learning more about the brain works to join by contacting us!!!!